• Question: have you ever had to rely on google?

    Asked by bryn_ie to William, Thibaut "Tibo", Harry, Georgia, Emily, Aimee on 9 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Georgia Orton

      Georgia Orton answered on 9 Nov 2019: last edited 9 Nov 2019 12:25 am

      I use Google and other websites every single day – I don’t know any scientists who don’t!
      At the moment I am learning a lot of new things because I have just started a new job. I have to look up a lot of things to help me understand them.
      There is so much great information online that, as long as you know where to look for reliable/good information, it is an amazing resource.
      One of the most important things I use a search engine like Google for is to look for information about the chemicals I need to work with and how I can use them safely.

    • Photo: Aimee Egglestone

      Aimee Egglestone answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      All. The. Time.

      I work in a really small group ( 4 people) so while the other chemists are a great resource, we absolutely can’t cover all bases with our combined knowledge, and just flipping through journal after journal to find a relevant article just isn’t practical, so I quite often use Google to find articles or other resources! I even use wikipedia on occasion! (I know – shocking)

    • Photo: Thibaut Deviese

      Thibaut Deviese answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      Google can be a good place to start investigating something but what is important to remember is that not everything on the internet is true. It is important to crosscheck the information with different sources.

    • Photo: Emily Sparkes

      Emily Sparkes answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      Frequently! There’s a version of google called ‘google scholar’ which gives you all the research papers and books you could ever want