• Question: What do you enjoy about your work?

    Asked by edboiy to William, Thibaut "Tibo", Harry, Georgia, Emily, Aimee on 9 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Georgia Orton

      Georgia Orton answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      Part of my job is to make brand new molecules (small particles) that noone has ever made before. It’s so exciting to be in the lab and be the first person in the world to make something.

      Additionally, scientific research needs a lot of diverse people to come up with smart solutions to difficult problems. This means I get to work with lots of amazing people from all over the world.

    • Photo: Aimee Egglestone

      Aimee Egglestone answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      One of my favourite things about what I do is that generally I don’t end up having 2 days the same. My experiments are always adapting and changing based on what I’m learning. I need to research, experiment, analyse, and learn every single day and at various different points. I always have at least 3 plates spinning with lab processes and plant processes which are already running, new products coming and keeping up to date with what i s up and coming in the science world. Then there is, of course, all the outreach to people like you! Making sure everyone who has a passion for science also has the chance to try it out!

    • Photo: Thibaut Deviese

      Thibaut Deviese answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      For my work, I analyse archaeological objects that have been found by archaeologists. My job is to find how old they are. It is always super exciting when we have new objects coming to the lab for analyses. They really come from everywhere in the world! And once we have the results, it is always exciting to let the archaeologists know!